Visit Our Convenient Poke Bowl Restaurante in Reno

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Visit Our Convenient Poke Bowl Restaurante in Reno

With how quickly Poke has become popular here in the continental United States, you can see a poke bowl restaurante popping up on nearly every corner. Here in the Biggest Little City, it’s no different. Poke is the next best thing when it comes to popular dishes in the area and people from all around Washoe County are getting in on the craze. And when it comes to convenience, our poke bowl restaurante in Reno, NV is located centrally with you in mind. That really matters when your hunger cravings strike, especially at the earlier hours of the day or you need to find a poke restaurant open late.

Poke Bowl Restaurante Popularity Explodes!

There have been a lot of food trends over the years. Some have stuck around, like the sushi trend that started way back in the 80s. Does anybody remember the Breakfast Club when Molly Ringwald brings sushi to lunch, and all of her friends look away in disgust? Now, everyone likes sushi, and sushi places are everywhere. Then you have your diet fads like the “keto diet” that just kind of come on strong and fade from the spotlight over time.

So, is Poke just a fad that is going to fizzle out eventually leaving our beloved poke bowl restaurante, Pola Poke in the dust? Well, GrubHub data shows a 365% increase in Poke deliveries in just the last year and the majority of people here in Reno haven’t even tried Poke yet. Datassential shows that 24% of consumers want to (but haven’t yet) tried a poke bowl despite a 167% increase in poke bowls on restaurant menus.

Is the reason poke bowls are so popular just because of how nice they look on your Instagram page? Or are they actually a dish that is going to make a lasting impression on the U.S. food scene like sushi?

Poke Bowl Restaurante Social Media Influence

You would be hard-pressed to go to a sushi or poke bowl restaurante in today’s world and not see people snapping pictures of their dishes. For some reason posting pictures of food is just what people do nowadays. We suppose it’s a quick way to show friends what we are up to and to document our day. According to Psychological Science, posting pictures of food you get at restaurants is part of our modern “ritualistic behavior.”

Social media is also one of the most common reasons that someone will decide to eat a restaurant. Restaurants are also the most engaged in businesses on social media as well. It is estimated that over 75% of consumers will make their choice of where to go out to eat based on social media posts. You can get onto Instagram and search for #foodporn and you will find over 200 million posts of people uploading pictures of their meals.

Poke is one of the internet’s fastest rising stars due to it being healthy, colorful, and most importantly, inexpensive. Almost half of restaurant-goers will pay extra for food that is free of artificial ingredients and 20% are willing to pay double for a healthy meal. With social media being the number one place for people to find healthy meals and recipes, poke has become one of the most talked-about food trends online. Poke is packed with omega 3 fats, lean protein, and complex carbs, meaning Poke is a very healthy meal choice for you and your family.

Strike a Poke Pose!

Another reason Poke bowls are all over the internet, is because they are colorful and photogenic. There are so many ways that poke bowls can be customized for both looks and taste, there are numerous ways for the creative poke bowl maker to create their renditions. If you check out #pokebowl on Instagram, you will find well over 600,000 posts of people who are proud of their poke.

On the topic of people spending extra money on healthy food, Poke is not an expensive dish! In fact, you can go to a normal “healthy restaurant” and blow $30 per plate, easily. Here at Pola Poke, even our large poke bowls run brought around only $17 for the entire meal.

Pola Poke is the Best Poke Bowl Restaurante Around

Here at Pola Poke, we use only the freshest ingredients in our poke bowls and offer you the very best customer service you will find in town. There are a lot of poke bowl restaurante locations in Reno. However, there is ONLY ONE Pola Poke Bowl. We bring the native Hawaiian poke right here to Reno Nevada so that everyone can get in on the Poke craze.

We have our regular menu bowls like the popular Superfood Bowl, which has a base of kale or brown rice, with salmon and sesame Shoyu, sesame seeds, scallions, and red onions. This popular bowl is topped with fresh avocado, edamame, pickled ginger, and seaweed salad, with furikake and dried seaweed for that delicious crunch. The Superfood bowl is only one of our many pre-customized delicious poke bowls.

Also here at Pola Poke, we are a poke bowl restaurante that offers a Build Your Own Bowl (BYOB) menu so that you can customize your poke bowl however you want with all of our many different ingredients. This way you can style your bowl so that it looks its best for the photoshoot for Instagram before you devour it. 

Come down to Pola Poke today and get your Poke on!

Get Your Fresh Food Fix

Pola Poke is proud to bring fresh poke, acai bowls, smoothies, and craft coffees to Reno, Nevada! We’re a locally-owned business created and operated by a Reno native. Furthermore, our palate-pleasing sustainably sourced bowls offer the perfect combo of healthy and tasty.

Customize your bowl to kick start your wellness and nutrition for the day. Choose from our menu or make it your own poke bowl with a variety of fresh, delicious ingredients. Our menu offers the perfect selection of healthy lean meats, veggies, and toppings to satisfy every fish-lover. Additionally, we’re the perfect choice for keto and protein-rich diets.

So what are you waiting for? An invitation? Well, here it is! Come join us and see why everyone in Reno is raving about Pola Poke Bowls! And if you’re too busy to come say hi, we also offer online ordering for your convenience. What more could you ask for?

Enjoy Fresh Poke in Reno

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