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Lakeridge Lifestyle - poke bowls and acai bowls in Reno

Thank you to Brittany Walshaw, owner of “ Pola Poke Bowls” and Entrepreneur Extraordinaire for her complimentary tastings as an introduction to her awesome new venue … and to our wonderful residents who attended and gave their testimonials in Lakeridge Lifestyles Magazine. Read them below:

Lakeridge Lifestyles Magazine Feature

Terry and Karen Claffey, residents of Carriage House, say:

“We had no idea what a Poke Bowl was. What a pleasant surprise. Glad someone gave us an overview … and we each decided to try one of the featured bowls. They were wonderful, and we will be headed back in the future to try other bowls and maybe even design our own combos. Also … the desserts were really good as an added feature. Thanks for letting us have a great adventure and learn about something new!”

Carole and Scott Terrell, residents of The Crest, say:

“Scott and I enjoyed the evening, and the food was delicious. The food was fresh, flavorful, and full of color. It’s like art in a bowl and tastes delicious! It’s going to become a new lunch favorite.”

Regina Lockwood, resident of Caughlin Ranch and realtor with Ferrari-Lund, says:

“What a delight to learn that Pola Poke is more than just a sushi place! Has no idea about all the varieties of bowls including breakfast items and desserts! Great to learn the menu is so healthy and the restaurant is eco-friendly too! I’ll definitely become a regular!”

Ken Kearney, franchisee and owner of Red Hawk Living magazine, says:

“I had a wonderful Maxson Bowl at Pola Poke as part of the Lakeridge Lifestyles review. It was my first time here, and I will definitely be back. The bowl had a bed of greens with salmon, tuna, mango, citrus-ponzu sauce, bell peppers, crunchy garlic topping, and more. Very flavorful and healthy and really unique. Make a point to stop in and try one of their signature bowls or a creation of your own.”

Valerie Shaw, resident of Lakeridge Shores, says:

“Poke comes to Reno! One immediately senses that this is a restaurant with a heart. Pola is doing something for the greater good. After eating there, you feel a bounce in your step knowing you have ‘done your body good.’ Choices abound, you can be the master of your bowl or you can get one of their ‘designed’ bowls. Once you have eaten there, you too, like Arnold, will say, ‘I’ll be back!’” Laurie-Jo Pettyjohn, franchisee and owner of Lakeridge Lifestyles, says: “Simply YUMMY!”

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Take a peek and read our story on page 31’s “Taste of the Town” in Lakeridge Lifestyles here.

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