Hot Stuff Coming Through – Coffee at Pola Poke

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Hot Stuff Coming Through - Coffee at Pola Poke

Hot stuff coming through! Pola Poke has some incredible coffees and hot drinks on our menu. Nothing rounds out a great meal quite like a good cup of coffee. Whether you like to enjoy a hot cup of Joe with your breakfast or savor a cozy warm drink after dinner, we have a delicious array of options. Here are some of the many reasons to get excited about coffee at Pola Poke.

Star Village Coffee Roasters 

At Pola Poke, we are proud to serve Star Village Coffee, a Native American-owned and family-operated coffee company based in the great basin. They combine old wisdom with new innovations to produce coffee beans with unique and layered flavor profiles. Their Burundi Kalico contains notes of guava, brown sugar, and berry. The Rwanda Kopakama features sweet flavors of banana, grape, and vanilla. The Ethiopia Gelana Abaya evokes the delicate combination of apricots, peaches, and almonds. These beautiful roast profiles will melt you from the very first sip.

We are proud to feature a local, family-run, native-owned company. After all, we’re a local company and we know how important it is to support other locals as well. Additionally, we respect their collaboration with fair trade coffee farmers. The Burundi Kalico and Rwanda Kopakma are both sourced from women-produced farms. We appreciate the attention to detail that Star Village Coffee brings to each stage of its process. Finally, we appreciate its commitment to working with ethical coffee producers.

An Array of Delicious Coffee at Pola Poke

Espresso & Cappuccino

In addition to drip coffee, we offer your favorite espresso drinks. For our espresso, we feature Star Village coffee’s Rose Bud roast. Its espresso profile offers heavy, syrupy flavors of dark chocolate and nougat with a very soft acidity. As a result, this works beautifully in our double espresso, which is two shots of beautiful caramel-colored deliciousness, a quick and easy pick me up. When added to coffee drinks that are sipped in cups such as cappuccinos and lattes, the Rose Bud reveals additional notes of honey, apricot, and milk chocolate, giving your hot coffee beverages a nice, heavy body with just the mildest touch of acidity.

Our cappuccino layers are equal parts espresso with steamed milk and foam. The milk is slowly steamed and frothed to make your cappuccino as soft as a cloud. And I can attest to this personally. Out of all the coffee I’ve ever tried. I can’t get enough of this amazing blend. Normally, I’m a fan of some frou-frou coffees, but I’ve never felt the need to add anything to our cappuccino. It’s that good. Do yourself a favor and try one, and let us know what you think.

Lattes and Mochas 

We also offer lattes and mochas. Our lattes combine espresso with a greater volume of steamed milk and a lighter layer of foam. The steamed milk and espresso blend together to give a smooth and slightly sweet finish. Lattes are the perfect drink for sipping and savoring with a good book or great conversation. You can add extra sweetness to your latte by adding a splash of caramel or vanilla syrup. We also offer seasonal specials like the pumpkin spice latte, a fall favorite.

If you’re a chocolate lover, our mocha will entice you and leave you begging for more. Our mocha combines espresso, steamed milk, and chocolate syrup. The combination of coffee and chocolate is timeless, a harmonious blend of sweet, acid, and subtle bitter flavors. Adding a splash of peppermint will elevate your mocha to a mint chocolate chip experience. Americanos are prepared by diluting espresso shots in hot water. This results in a drink that has a similar strength to a regular cup of coffee, but a more subtle flavor. The strength of the americano varies depending on the number of shots added, and the espresso to water ratio. Some people enjoy their americano with a splash of milk or cream, while others prefer it black. This is generally a matter of preference and we are happy to help you to determine your ideal balance.

Chai Tea

Chai is a black tea-based drink that has its origins in India. It combines tea and milk with beautiful aromatic spices like cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, and nutmeg. The result is sweet with a hint of spice. We proudly serve Oregon Chai, a concentrate that’s ingredient list is USDA certified organic and certified by the non-GMO project. They are also committed to creating minimal waste in their packaging, producing their containers made from paper that is sourced from tree harvesters that are committed to reforestation and biodiversity preservation. We love featuring brands whose values align with our own, providing sustainably resourced and healthy food.

Hot Chocolate

If you are not a fan of caffeine we also offer hot chocolate. This is a favorite among our youngest customers. If you are dining with little ones we are happy to steam their hot chocolate at a lower temperature to protect their sensitive mouths. Dress up your hot chocolate with a bit of caramel or peppermint, we love helping our customers get creative.

Pukka Teas

We also serve the incredible organic Pukka Teas. Established in 2001, Pukka Teas has built itself into a company that achieved carbon neutrality in 2019. They are committed to organic, fair trade ingredients and their team is composed of members with backgrounds in herbal medicine, plant medicine, and nutrition. Best of all, their teas are exceptionally flavorful, and they make you feel amazing.

Current Pukka Tea flavor selection includes Earl Grey, English breakfast, immunity-boosting Elderberry and Echinacea, Lemongrass and Ginger, Lemon Ginger and Manuka Honey, Chamomile Vanilla and Manuka Honey, Mint Refresh, and Organic Supreme Matcha Green. They also have themed blends like Love (chamomile and Lavender), After Dinner (roasted chicory, cardamom, anise seed, sweet fennel, and licorice), Relax (chamomile, oat flowering tops, fennel seed, and marshmallow root), and revitalize (Cinnamon, Cardamom, and Ginger). Many of these tea offerings are caffeine-free as well.

Non-Dairy Options

Frequently, our customers need something without lactose. If you prefer your coffee drinks without cow’s milk, we offer several great non-dairy options. We are happy to substitute coconut, oat, macadamia, almond, cashew and hemp milks in any of our coffee drinks that include dairy. Each type of non-dairy milk offers unique flavor combinations that add another layer of flavor to our espresso drinks. Almond milk blends beautifully with the peach and apricot notes in the Rosebud espresso. Oat Milk enhances the milk-chocolatey flavors. Hemp milk will give your cup a slightly nutty taste. Try our mocha with macadamia nut milk, it will delight your senses. 

As you can see there are lots of reasons to be excited about all the delicious coffee and hot drink offerings that we have available at Pola Poke Bowl. Come experience the exquisite flavors and aromas of Star Valley Coffee. Savor a sweet and spicy Oregon Chai. Experience the uplifting flavors and benefits of Pukka teas.  Enjoy an espresso shot with one of our Acai breakfast bowls. We’d love to see you and create the most delicious hot coffee or tea you’ve ever had.

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Customize your bowl to kick start your wellness and nutrition for the day. Choose from our menu or make it your own poke bowl with a variety of fresh, delicious ingredients. Our menu offers the perfect selection of healthy lean meats, veggies, and toppings to satisfy every fish-lover. Additionally, we’re the perfect choice for keto and protein-rich diets.

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