Discover Our Fresh Poke Mixed Bowls Menu

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Discover Our Fresh Mixed Bowls Menu

Here at Pola Poke Bowls, we (like all Hawaiians) take our Poke very seriously. While most non-Hawaiian people think “Poke” and automatically envision raw fish bowls, this isn’t always the case. Our mixed bowls menu comprises both our raw fish delicacies as well as some cooked options including chicken, shrimp, and crab.

Some people may think that weird. However, the word Poke doesn’t mean “fish” at all. The word Poke in Hawaiian means “to slice or cut” which gives the traditional Poke bowl a much broader meaning. However, in the mixed bowls menu, the “fish is the star of the dish, everything else acts like the chorus line,” so says Aland Kysar, Hawaii native and author of the cookbook Aloha Kitchen. In a standard mixed bowls menu, Poke is made with ahi tuna or marinated salmon, and at Pola Poke Bowls in Reno, we definitely offer those options in our poke bowls. However, we don’t stop there. We like to take it bit further than that.

Our Pola Poke mixed bowls menu is the best poke in Reno you will find. We use only the freshest ingredients, and we take pride in our traditional, as well as our not-so-traditional Build Your Own Bowl, (BYOB) mixed bowls menu. Yup, that’s right, we let you build your own delicious mixed Poke bowl with a selection of all our ingredients. That way you’ll end up with the best bowl of Poke ever!

Choose From Our Poke Mixed Bowls Menu

The Superfood Bowl

Our Superfood Poke bowl might not give you superpowers, but then again you never know. The term superfood, according to Oxford Languages means “a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being.” 

For our base ingredient in our Superfood Poke Bowl, you can choose either kale or brown rice. Kale has for some time been known as one of the major superfoods because it is a great source of vitamins and minerals. Kale is packed with vitamin B6, calcium, folate, and iron. If you choose to go with brown rice, expect a rich dose of dietary fiber as well.

The protein in the Superfood Bowl on our mixed bowls menu is Salmon sauced in sesame shoyu cucumber, sesame seeds, scallions, and red onion. Our delicious Superfood Bowl is topped with fresh avocado, edamame, pickled ginger, and seaweed salad. For that extra crunchy superfood kick, we add furikake and dried nori seaweed strips. 

The Otherside Bowl

Our Otherside Bowl is the rebel of our mixed bowls menu. We use a standard white rice base, but instead of the traditional raw fish protein, we use chicken with a garlic chili or teriyaki, cucumber, scallion, sesame seed, and red onion. Furthermore, this delicious Poke bowl is topped with fresh mango, corn, jalapeno, carrot, avocado, and edamame, topped with crispy onion and coconut. The Otherside Bowl is perfect for those of us who are not into eating raw fish and prefer a more “chicken” approach.

The Vacation Bowl

Ok, this is a personal favorite of mine. And my mom. And my girlfriend. And her mom… You get the point. Like sweet and spicy? Classic poke fish options? Loads of delicious fruits and veggies? Well, our vacation bowl is just for you too!

We start this popular mixed bowl menu item with mixed greens and white rice, then add tuna or salmon with a pineapple ponzu sauce along with our traditional cucumber, sesame seed, scallions, and red onions. We add that extra spicy kick to our Vacation Bowls by topping them with spicy crab, then with avocado, fresh pineapple, and seaweed salad. We add our crunch to this Vacation Bowl with furikake and coconut macadamia. 

Aloha Bowl

The spirit of Aloha embodies the coordination of the kindness and the heart in all of us, Hawaiian and non-Hawaiian alike. When greeted with the kindly “aloha” you are given mutual regard of affection that extends warmth and love with no obligation of it being returned. “Aloha” is the very nature of the relationship where each person is vital to the happiness and existence of each other. “Aloha” means to hear what is not said, to see what cannot be seen, and to know the unknowable.

When we were creating our mixed bowls menu, we absolutely had to make the Aloha Bowl. Furthermore, we really put our hearts and souls into it to truly capture the true nature of “Aloha.” We start with a basic white rice base, then add ahi tuna and octopus along with a sesame shoyu, cucumber, sesame seeds, scallions, and red onions. For our fresh toppings, we add sweet pineapple, bell peppers, seaweed salad, masago with the crunchy kick of furikake, dried seaweed, and crispy onions.

The Vegan & Vegetarian Love that Beet Bowl

For our vegan and vegetarian Poke-loving friends, we offer our Love that Beet mixed bowl menu option. We start with a straight mixed greens base and then add beets and avocado with a Japanese dressing. We then throw some wasabi sesame seeds and some crunchy garlic for that spicy and crunchy kick.

BYOB – The Ultimate Mixed Bowl Menu Option

This is where our Poke mixed bowls menu gets crazy. We let our customers get creative and build their own Poke bowls using our mixed bowls menu. We have a Regular (2 scoops of protein) and a Large (3 scoops of protein) size for you to choose from, or a straight vegetable option. Want 4 scoops of protein? It’s yours! Just makes it that much better in our opinion.

Then depending on the size of your bowl, we give you the option to pick which of your proteins you’d like and in what ratio. We offer deep sea crab, chicken, octopus, salmon, spicy tuna, and shrimp. If you are feeling particularly adventurous you can pick multiple proteins from our mixed bowl menu. You want spicy tuna, salmon, shrimp, and crab? Do it! We then let you pick your base from white or brown rice, and kale or mixed greens.

Next, we have our brilliant and creative customers pick their sauce. Choose from chili garlic, creamy togarashi, pineapple-citrus ponzu, teriyaki, or wasabi sesame shoyu. Finally, we offer almost 30 different fresh and crunchy toppings for you to pick from to make your poke bowl creation the most delicious possible. Then you just add a cold or hot drink and you have yourself a feast!

Surely by now, you can tell how serious about our Poke mixed bowls menu we are here at Pola Poke. Check out our delicious Reno poke menu to start crafting your poke bowl and turn your poke dreams into poke reality. Your perfect poke bowl awaits… we’ll see you here!

Get Your Fresh Food Fix!

Pola Poke is proud to bring fresh poke, acai bowls, smoothies, and craft coffees to Reno, Nevada! We’re a locally-owned business created and operated by a Reno native. Furthermore, our palate-pleasing sustainably sourced bowls offer the perfect combo of healthy and tasty.

Customize your bowl to kick start your wellness and nutrition for the day. Choose from our menu or make it your own poke bowl with a variety of fresh, delicious ingredients. Our menu offers the perfect selection of healthy lean meats, veggies, and toppings to satisfy every fish-lover. Additionally, we’re the perfect choice for keto and protein-rich diets.

So what are you waiting for? An invitation? Well, here it is! Come join us and see why everyone in Reno is raving about Pola Poke Bowls! And if you’re too busy to come say hi, we also offer online ordering for your convenience. What more could you ask for?

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