4th Annual Yelpstronomy Returns on August 16th

By August 2, 2018Press
Pola Poke Bowl 4th Annual Yelpstronomy

Yelpstronomy 4.0

Yelpstronomy’s Carnival Of Culinary Curiosity rolled into town for one night, and one night only. For the fourth year in a row, Yelpstronomy left attendees amazed and amused once again. Check out what Yelpers had to say about the event here and read on for more!

Yelpers lined up outside The Discovery to get under the big top for an evening exploring the science and art of food and drink, with a classic carnival twist! Our waiting guests were wowed before doors even opened as Asylum Sideshow spread a serious case of cooties and shared their freakish hidden talents. Not only did they bring the creepy crawlies, they brought their whole “dysfunctional” family. Dysfunctional? Maybe. Entertaining? Definitely! Lines to get inside aren’t as boring when there’s fire breathing and contortionists involved.

Culinary Curiosities

Of course, we promised culinary curiosities, too. From upstairs to downstairs, Yelpers packed The Discovery to see what creations our great local businesses would have to share. Pickle salsa? Yes. We had that courtesy of Nevada Brining Company. Pork belly and tongue stew aka Bolito Misto? Yes! Calafuria came in strong with this surprisingly delicious dish! But the one that stole hearts and minds and left worlds rocked had to be the Rock Candy Short Rib by Washoe Public House’s Chef/Owner Bret Moseley and Sierra Meat and Seafood. We know several of you had seconds AND thirds!

Don’t forget about the carnival games and treats! Every carnival has ’em and there was no shortage at ours. We had your classic cotton candy thanks to Bright’s Delights, snow cones from Stylos Party Entertainment, and some insanely delicious gourmet popcorn from Jack’s Popcorn! But wait, there’s more!  Have ya heard of gin-infused candy apples? Yes, they are real and we had some courtesy of Pignic Pub & Patio’s Annalisa Suarez and her neverending creativity. For libations on the go, The Terrace Lounge at the Peppermill Resort brought all the frosé popsicles your heart could desire. Consider us loyal members of team frosé now.

Get ready for a night filled with science, food and more! The 4th annual Yelpstronomy returns to The Discovery next month.

Yelp Reno’s Community Director, Michael Tragash, joined us in the studio Tuesday morning to share what the event is all about with local businesses Pignic and Pola Poke.

Big Thanks

Thanks to all our awesome local businesses and cool Yelpers we raised more than $9,000 to help The Discovery to keep on making learning interactive and fun for kids and adults in our community. We’re already planning what next year will look like and can’t wait to share with you all soon!

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