Pola Poke Bowls – 5 Out of 5 Stars on Facebook

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Pola Poke Bowls - 5 Out of 5 Stars on Facebook

People Love Us On Facebook!

The people of Facebook are buzzing about our big, beautiful, bountiful bowls of fresh poke! And who can blame them? At Pola Poke Bowl in Reno, we’re here to do poke right! Whether you’re a sushi lover, poke newb, or hungry for something new, Pola Poke is here to serve!

A selection of delicious fish including ahi tuna, salmon, spicy tuna, crab, shrimp, octopus, and even chicken is just the start of what makes our poke bowls amazing. With delicious fruits, veggies, sauces, and crunchy, flavorful toppings, you’ll see why everyone on Facebook can’t stop talking about Pola Poke Bowls!

Additionally, at Pola Poke Bowls, we know that quality starts with our staff. And we’re proud to stay we have an amazing crew of fun, enthusiastic, delightful people working here. We know it and our customers know it. A happy, energetic staff makes for a better environment and a better poke bowl. So if you’ve been dying to experience some amazing poke served by a delightful crew at an incredible locally-owned restaurant, don’t let us convince you. Let the people of Facebook be your guide!

Below are real Facebook reviews from some of our satisfied customers. Furthermore, if you don’t believe us (and we sure hope you will), you can verify them here by visiting the Pola Poke Bowls Facebook page.

Real Facebook Reviews From Real People

“Pola Poke has the best, and I mean best selection of fresh-cut poke in Reno!! All of their sauce are to die for!! But what I really wanna rave about is their customer service. Friendly, Polite, Caring, All around Fun Staff. Their great attitude for going the extra mile with their customer will make me forever loyal to Pola Poke Bowls. Best in Town. No Doubt.”

Sarah Ferris

“I’ve had Poke in several different places around the world, Palau, The Marshall Island, and Hawaii. This is every bit as good, better I would say because you get to pick your toppings.”

Jason Popvis

“Love the poke bowls and the acai bowls! Such healthy and delicious treats! They are also eco-conscious with their containers and eating utensils. My husband and I eat here at least once a week and know we are doing good things for our bodies. Friendly and helpful staff, as well! 5 stars!!!”

Nancy Chontos

“I always love to go here whenever I crave for sushi… it’s all in a bowl!! It’s healthy and light, fresh, and great flavors. Love the atmosphere, and the employees are great.”

Armelyn Garcia

“I think I may be addicted to this place! Whether I am craving a healthier alternative to sushi or a healthy sweet treat, Pola Poke Bowls is the answer! I highly recommend stopping in and trying either a poke or an açaí bowl! Pola won’t disappoint!”

Tiffany Kress

“So good! I’ve never had a poke bowl and I was a little nervous! The staff was so helpful and gave amazing recommendations on what to order! The spicy tuna is some of the best I’ve ever had!”

Hailee Day

“Absolutely amazing!! Fresh as can be, great combinations, and phenomenal atmosphere. Took my 2-year-old daughter with me for my first time, they gave her crayons and paper and didn’t mind that she colored all over one of their menus also, Keiki size bowls of rice and an ohana bowl on the house! New favorite spot. Mahalo plenty.”

Jared Eaten

Get Your Fresh Food Fix!

Pola Poke is proud to bring fresh poke, acai bowls, smoothies, and craft coffees to Reno, Nevada! We’re a locally-owned business created and operated by a Reno native.

Our sustainably and responsibly sourced bowls offer the perfect combo of healthy and tasty. Customize your bowl to kick start your wellness and nutrition for the day. Choose from our menu or make it your own poke bowl with a variety of fresh, delicious ingredients. Our menu offers the perfect selection of healthy lean meats, veggies, and toppings to satisfy every fish-lover. Additionally, we’re the perfect choice for keto and protein-rich diets.

So what are you waiting for? An invitation? Well, here it is! Come join us and see why everyone in Reno is raving about Pola Poke Bowls! And if you’re too busy to come say hi, we also offer online ordering for your convenience. What more could you ask for?

Enjoy Fresh Poke in Reno

Pola Poke Bowls
3594 W. Plumb Lane Ste A
Reno, NV 89509
(775) 683-9901

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